The Science of NAET: Understanding How It Works Against Allergies


In Weston, FL, many residents suffer from allergies that can range from mild inconveniences to severe health hazards. Fortunately, a breakthrough treatment called NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) offers hope for those looking for relief from their allergic symptoms. But how exactly does NAET work, and what makes it such an effective treatment against allergies?

What is NAET?

NAET is a holistic approach to allergy treatment that combines principles of acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology, and nutrition. Developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, NAET works on the premise that allergies are caused by imbalances in the body’s energy flow. By using a combination of techniques to identify and correct these imbalances, NAET aims to eliminate allergies at their root cause.

How does NAET work?

NAET works by reprogramming the body’s response to allergens through a series of treatments. The first step in NAET involves identifying the allergens that trigger a patient’s symptoms. This is done through muscle testing, where the patient is exposed to various potential allergens while their muscle strength is tested.

Once the allergens are identified, the practitioner uses a specific acupressure technique to stimulate the body’s energy pathways and desensitize it to the allergens. This process helps the body recognize the allergens as harmless substances, rather than triggering an allergic response.

The Science Behind NAET:

While the exact mechanisms behind NAET are still not fully understood, the treatment is believed to work by retraining the body’s immune system to stop reacting to allergens. By restoring balance to the body’s energy flow and correcting any imbalances, NAET Allergy Relief in Weston, FL helps the body function more efficiently and reduces the overactive immune response that causes allergies.

NAET also aims to address the underlying causes of allergies, such as nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and emotional stress. By treating the body as a whole and addressing all potential factors that contribute to allergies, NAET offers a comprehensive approach to allergy relief.

Benefits of NAET:

  • Non-invasive and drug-free treatment option
  • Can address a wide range of allergies, including food allergies, environmental allergies, and seasonal allergies
  • Addresses underlying causes of allergies, rather than just treating symptoms
  • Safe for all ages, from children to adults


NAET is a unique and effective treatment for allergies that offers hope for those suffering from debilitating allergic symptoms. By addressing the root causes of allergies and retraining the body’s response to allergens, NAET provides long-lasting relief and improved quality of life for patients. If you are struggling with allergies in Weston, FL, consider exploring the benefits of NAET for a holistic approach to allergy relief.

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